Cat Litter


premium grade wood based cat litter in 15kg bags is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable litter that is highly absorbent lasting longer than traditional cat litters.

KleenCat No dust or fuss, just KleenCat !!!

  • A lightweight 100% natural cat litter that's economical to use
  • Easy to dispose of - just burn or dig into the garden as its biodegradable
  • A fresh natural timber smell, eliminating strong odours
  • Completely safe for use as a litter for other domestic animals (e.g. caged birds, desert reptiles, rabbits or guinea pigs) 
Our delivery service:

We strive to offer our clients a traditional, friendly service with a personal attention to detail.   

We provide a free local delivery service to:
  • Private Homes;
  • Animal Rescue, Charity and Rescue Centres;
  • Catteries and Boarding Kennels;
  • Veterinary Clinics and Practices;
situated in and around the RG postcode region.

For all of our customers we offer high quality cat litter at a very competitive price.

To place an order or to discuss your requirements please either complete the enquiry form, email us at or call us on 01256 411394 for a quote.

UK Wood Pellets are keen to support charities and organisations, such as StaRescue, who are a registered, local charity working in the Basingstoke and surrounding areas to re-home animals, ranging from dogs and cats to ferrets, rabbits, birds and any other small animal in need of our care.

To fund the work they do, and to pay for food and veterinary costs, they ask for donations on all pet adoptions. They also run a sponsoring scheme and are actively involved with fundraising events most weeks of the year.

Please visit their website to find out more and if you are interested in fostering animals or offering support.



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